Jan 19, 2011

Just how happy are you? "Mappiness" can help you find the answer.

I love social media, but not so much for the media part. I don't take part in every feature offered by every platform, especially geo-tagging.

I don't have any real problems with it, and I suppose I could put it to good use if I had an event to promote. Foursquare, and Facebook geo-tagging features really don't do anything for me on a day to day basis.
Foursquare seems more like a game, and it's really a game that I don't have any fun playing. And Facebook places opens up some weird doors because unless you're on top of your privacy settings, just about anyone can tag you at a particular location without your authorization.

Then, I discovered Mappiness.

Now, Mappiness isn't really a social networking site, but what it does do it ask you personal questions at different points throughout the day in regards to how you're feeling. You can respond as often as you like, and the more you respond (and answer truthfully), the more you start to see which situations in life bring you the most peace, joy, and comfort. Basically, it gauges your happiness.

I'm always open to giving something a try, but most of these things don't last long with me. Still, I've really been enjoying Mappiness. While it doesn't really allow me to connect with other folks, it does let me get a quick snapshot of how I'm feeling.

The app is nice and simple, with a really clean interface, and most of the questions they've provided cover just about any situation I might find myself in. Right now the app covers the UK as its research area, so the geo-tagging feature is moot. Still, the app does ask you where you're at and uses that data to create its various charts and graphs.

What makes this app ultimately work for me is that it's not heavy. It's easy to set up, and easy to use. Also, it's being used for a positive purpose, and helps remind me to constantly ask, "Oran, are you happy?"

GET "MAPPINESS" >> http://www.mappiness.org.uk/

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