Jan 19, 2011

Crunch into a Biz Bite! "Skipping Brimstones"

Yesterday I had a bit of time to kill before a meeting and I decided to stop by the Henning House right next to the historic Brimstone Museum) in Sulphur, a fine art gallery directed by my good friend Thom Trahan, assisted by the Creative Director Eric Manual.

Now, I live in Sulphur, and you would think that being interested in art and creativity, I would stop in more often. Sadly, like most of us, I'm always going full-speed during the day, seldom making that conscious effort to stop and enjoy the things around me. Yesterday was one of those days where I decided to not skip over the opportunity to drop in and visit my friends at the Brimstone, and I'm really glad I did. READ MORE >>

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