Aug 19, 2010

American Graphitti: Hulk vs. Thing!

I'm driving my kids to work this morning, taking our usual route past the scenic refineries (pretty much exhaust, trains and big trucks), and my daughter shouts out, "Look, Dad!" I whip my head over and what a treat for the eyes!

There, painted on the side of a box-car, in super-bright colors, was the Incredible Hulk about to throw down with the ever-lovin' Thing! I thought you folks might dig on it, so I pulled over and snapped a few pics.

These refineries don't like for people to pull over and take pics so I have to be quick.

I tried to stop and snap a picture of a Louisiana habitat mural painted on the side of  an oil tank once and was quickly run off by Citgo security.

Driving by the refineries every morning is a big time bummer. Nothing nice to see there. A graphitti treat like this is kind of rare, but it's really nice to see. In fact, a while back I posted some cool Space Ghost art from the same rail-yard.

I always wonder how long it takes to pull something like this off. I don't know much about graphitti art, but I imagine that the artists would have to be really quick, or the box-car would need to be in one place for a really long time. If anyone has any info this then I'd love to hear from you.

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