Aug 26, 2010

Fusion Five's "Social Media 2.0" Is Almost Here!

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"Social Media 2.0" is almost here!

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Fusion Five, a professional organization in Lake Charles, Louisiana, is hosting a Social Media Summit for Southwest Louisiana professionals. The event, titled "Social Media 2.0" is this Friday, August 27th at the Willis Noland Resource Center (The Chamber) from 2-4 pm.

There was a great turn-out for last year's Social Media Summit, and it appears that Fusion Five is preparing for this to be a "standing room only" event, so please make sure you take a moment to RSVP.

It was my pleasure to share "My Tweet Story" presentation with the attendees from last year's Social Media Summit. This year I'm really "egg"cited (I know, I know) to share my thoughts on using social media to develop your personal brand in my new presentation, "ID Thy Self: Using Social Media to Build the Brand of You."

This is an "egg"cellent (Sorry!) presentation for those who are well versed in using social networks, and it's even better suited for a beginner who is interested in using the tools to step into the spotlight.

After this presentation you'll have a better handle on how to identify the things that make you who you are, and learn how to use them to build and manage a strong personal brand... even if you have to break a few eggs in the process.

So, what the heck should you be using Linked In for?

Make sure you RSVP for the Fusion Five: Social Media 2.0 event to see Becky Girola's presentation, where she'll give us the Linked In low-down! This is sure to be an eye-opener for those of you who have a Linked In profile, but haven't quite put it to work just yet.

I'm really looking forward to sharing what I've learned by putting Social Media to work for my personal brand over the past few years, and I know that Becky is pretty pumped as well. This should be a lot of fun for everyone, and a great professional networking opportunity.

See you at the social!


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