Jul 29, 2010

"Something Happened On The Way Home" Final Reflections From The '90s

Over the past few weeks I've been digging around in some old sketch books from the '90s. If you've been following along then you've probably seen many drawings that depict symbols, or totems that was very fixated on during that time.

That was a time of great discovery for me, and most that personal journey was set in motion by a series of subtle yet powerful events that took place in the Summer of 1995, specifically August 1st. I don't share the story with many people these days, as there are religious, meta-physical and supernatural elements involved. I find that the details unnerve many, and spark discussions that challenge the typical bible-belt view of religion that permeates the region in which I live.

I can say that as I trace back the moments of my life, I always come back to this specific day as a nexus point for great change. While I've reflected on all the moments of my life, those that I can recall with some clarity, this singular day instilled an openness, determination, balance and resolve that I still call on to this very day. It defines a large part of me and I apply the things I learned from that time period quite often.

I will spare you the details of the event, but I would like to share with you a series of sketches that I developed in the year 1996 as I reflected on the details of that August day in 1995.

"It Is All Okay"
"Eternal Rose"
"Face The Sun"
"Winter Fire"
"Morning Light"
I think this will be the last of my '90s sketches that I share, as I believe it to be the best place to stop. Nearly five years after the Summer of 1995 I slowly started to get away from drawing. There was almost a decade where I simply did not sketch. In the past two years that has changed and I am very happy about it. I bring this up to make a point. Often we learn lessons in life, important ones, and we vow that we'll never forget them. Somehow it's hard to do that, to be committed to a solemn personal vow.

What I've learned is that you have to lose your way to learn. You have to mess things up, lay down your vow, take a different path. This is how the shell cracks and allows a new light to come in. This is how realization is born. When things are broken something new can be made from the pieces. The key is to remember. My totems help me do that. They serve as reminders to stop and reflect from time to time. These totems were the greatest gift ever given to me. I would recommend developing personal totems to anyone.
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