Jul 21, 2010

My Wife Is Awesome... In A 1979 Heavy Metal Sort Of Way.

So my Wife went on a little trip with her Mom this past weekend. They take make sure to have a bit of Mother/Daughter time every Summer. Well, my sweet lady always gets me some sort of gift when she travels, even though I insist that she not.

Last year she got me an old Green Lantern comic, which was really cool, but this year she wins the award of sweetest little miss of the year! Lookit what she grabbed for me...

It's the November 1979 issue of "Heavy Metal" and man do I love it! When I opened it up I was stunned at the color. What an amazing cover!

Another reason this cover really jumped out at me is because I recently stopped by Richard Pace's blog, "The Burning Monster" and followed along as he worked on his "Jungle Girl" piece. I thought this was a really cool piece, and they kind of echo each other. 

If you're not subscribing to Richard's blog then you need to get on over there and do that. You're missing some interesting artistic treats.

So, back to my 1979 "Heavy Metal." What a great gift, right? If you're a "Heavy Metal" reader then you know that each issue is loaded variety, talent and that great indy vibe. This issue was no slouch in any of those departments.

There was a great page where you could order back issues... all the way to issue 1! Try picking that up on the cheap.

And who the heck remembers "Heavy Metal Money?" Not me. So cool, right?

And just look at the composition and color on these two pages from the story "Elric." Oh. My. Dang!

This book is a beaut and I'm proud to display it in my office. What makes it even better is that my lady said she had other options, but she just knew I'd like this one the best. Like I said; great lady.

So honey, consider this an apology for all the times I told you not to buy me gifts. If you keep bringing home goodies like this, then I'll except them all with open arms!
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