Jul 20, 2010

"Finding My Way" Exploring More Sketchy Goodness From The '90s

More remnants from my mid-nineties sketch books. As I said in earlier posts, I was really looking inside myself pretty hard back then, looking for my true face (heavy, right?). I really wrestled with the idea that what defines a thing is mostly made up of what we think about it. I learned pretty quickly that what we think might be skewed, and cause us to see just the surface, missing what matters most. Often a thing is much more simple than we make it out to be.

Anyway, along the way I started picking up on symbols or totems that represented specific ideas. They became archetypes, and when I encountered them in the world they served as reminders to reflect. In looking back at my sketch books I see these little icons appearing over and over again. The glyph that eventually became my personal mark, the Parker Brand, also emerged around that time, along with several other marks.
Ah... the '90s.