Jul 20, 2010

"Jesus, Dude" A 90's Sketch of the Man

So, I'm on this 90's kick, digging through old sketch books. I'm finding some really great things. Some of these little sketches are really bringing me back, and reminding me of just how much I've learned.

One lesson that got carved in my ribs back then was that Jesus was the man. Seriously. I don't care what religion you cling to, or what you believe in because I think believing is just bogus. Just look at the man.

Even if the carpenter's life story got all screwed up by the people who've tried to write it down, you still have to admit that he's pretty incredible. Just a simple man, who said simple things, and changed the world. Jesus was alright. I don't think most of us have the ability to really wrap our minds around him.

Anyway, I still look to the man, especially when I'm working the long plan, thinking way down the road, looking at the bigger picture. The man helps me remember that sometimes you have to go through some things, some pretty rough things, to get to the place you're going. That's okay by me.
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