Jul 16, 2010

"Just for Fun" Begins!

Over the past few months I've been working on a pool of sketches for a September art show at the Brimstone Museum titled "The Drawing Board." There are four artists in the show and we've each been directed to save our preliminary sketches to display along with our finished pieces. We were also given categories to work towards, such as "American Heroes," "Local Flavor," and "Fun and Games" (or "Just for Fun"... I can't remember).

For the "Just for Fun" category I wanted to do something that really played toward my heavily rendered inking style, but still had a definite toon element to it. I also wanted there to be some sort of a story to be told with a freaky monster element. 

I want to keep this piece under wraps until it's completed, but I did want to share the reference images above to get the lead and ink flowing. More on this in the near future!
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