Jul 16, 2010

Scribbles 1994

I used to draw a heck of a lot more in the 90's. It really didn't matter what I had to use, I always managed to lay something down on paper just about every day. I've been flipping through some of my old sketch books and have found some things from the Parker Brand archives that I thought I might share.

Today's pics are a few ballpoint pen portraits and sketches I did on some down time while working at the video store. One is of me, one of a co-worker, and attempt at Christian Slater (I think "Pump Up the Volume" was popular at the time) and few hands and objects.

I'm having a lot of fun digging through these sketch books. It's amazing how a drawing can really bring you back to the very moment it was being created. Maybe it has something to do with the extreme focus that's taking place. I find that when I'm drawing I'm truly present in the now. Anyway, I hope you folks will enjoy this scribbling walk down memory lane.
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