Jun 23, 2010

Some "Van Cleef" Sketch Action

I haven't had a lot of time to draw lately. Since I finished my Series-2 ATC set, I've been slammed over in "ad-land." Honestly, by the time I get home I'm pretty burned out and I just want to rest my brain. My wife motivated me to lay down some ink by getting me a nice, glass-top drafting table for Father's Day. I've been itching to sit down and give it a test drive since Sunday, so tonight I made some time to sit down for sketch.

I've mentioned in a few posts that I'm working on a series of western movie sketches for an exhibit titled "The Drawing Board." The goal is to do do really quick sketches, then develop one of them into a more finished piece. One of our sketch focuses is "American Heroes" and my western sketches are a part of that particular category. A couple of weeks ago, I did a quick sketch of Clint Eastwood for that series. Tonight I took a stab at Lee Van Cleef.

Since I hadn't drawn in a while I decided to do three sketches, the first two being very, very rough and quick. The first was done with a simple sketching pencil, with pretty soft lead, mainly to loosen my hand up.

The second sketch was done even faster, with a blown out water color brush. I had picked up some sepia india ink, so I decided to give that a run through. The brush really was the pits, but I still kind of dig the variation I got from the pencil sketch. It was a nice way to find the hard shadows.

Finally, I dropped some light pencils on a fresh sheet, then started hacking away with black india ink and my #3 Sable. I spent a bit more time on this final sketch. It's not dead-on, but I think it's definitely got a likeness of Van Cleef. This piece almost seems to be a combination of the two previous sketches.

After I felt like I had laid down enough black, I went back and added a really quick wash to help enhance the light-play on his face. I think it helped.

All-in-all, I had somewhere near an hour and half in all the sketches. This fits right in with the parameters of "The Drawing Board" gallery series. I've got quite a few more of the screen western heroes to sketch out. I'm having a lot of with them, so I hope you folks dig them.
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