Jun 24, 2010

"Unauthorized Manila" A Parker Brand Preliminary Sketch of Al Swearengen

If you've been following along, then you know that I've been working on a series of sketches themed around western film heroes. I've got a list of western folks whose likenesses will eventually come to life with my ink. One of them will be Al Swearengen from the HBO series "Deadwood." 

I didn't have my supplies with me today, but I felt the itch to sketch. I grabbed a manila envelope and a Sharpie and did a quick line drawing of 'ol Al.

Not too bad a likeness for a quick burn-em-out. I'll be working on the finished ink sketch tonight (which I will most definitely post). Doing these pre-op sketches kind of helps get me psyched up to work on the finished piece. It's fun drawing with random pens, on "unauthorized" paper.

Gotta love Al, "Deadwood" and all that terrible language they throw down...

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