Jun 4, 2010

"Elektra" A Parker Brand ATC Sketch

I've been pushing through my projects pretty hard today. I just about wrapped up several package designs, made headway on a new logo project, and started re-tooling a new campaign that I received changes on today. That, and the "bring-bring" of the phone all day... well, I needed a break. I took one and worked up this really quick ATC sketch of Elektra.

I would love to do a nice drawing of her someday, but today all I had to give her was 10 minutes. It's pretty choppy. Add to the mix that I used dual-tip Tombo markers (not my sketching tools of choice) and you can see why it looks sort of "meh." Anyway, take the good with the bad, I suppose.

I'll add this card to my Series-2 ATC mix. Only three cards left before it's complete, which means I feel a print giveaway coming on. Stay tuned!

PS: Daredevil's eyes should NOT be white. Blast! I'll have to fix that before I make prints.

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