Jun 3, 2010

"A Man Named Clint" A Parker Brand Sable Brush & Ink Sketch

If you follow this blog, then you may remember me mentioning the art show that I'll be a part of titled "The Drawing Board." This show will feature three Southwest Louisiana artists, and will be made up of our quick sketches, with each artist turning three of their sketches into more developed, finished pieces. The goal is to try to spend 15 to 30 minutes on each sketch.

One of the subjects requested for the art show is "American Heroes." I thought it would be fun to produce some really quick Sable brush & ink sketches of American movie cowboys (of which I am a tremendous fan) then choose one of the series to develop further.

I sketched out the first of this set tonight on a piece of 8.5x11 Bristol. I spent right at 20 minutes on it, which makes this exactly what this particular art show is calling for. You may recognize him. If you don't then I'm almost 100% certain that you won't get into heaven.

SIDE NOTE: It was nice to draw something besides super heroes.
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