Jun 5, 2010

"Thor,... Again" A Parker Brand "Artfix Noctum" Sketch

I just got home from my buddy Erik's studio where a group of us get together for sketch night, which Erik has dubbed "Artfix Noctum." We didn't have a theme tonight.We just drew whatever we wanted, while got our geek on. I've noticed that when I don't know what to draw, I either draw Thor or Jonah Hex. Tonight it was Thor, mostly because I've really been bummed about the concept art for the movie costume. I'm not saying that my pencil sketch tonight was any better, but I think the movie costume looks like it was developed in a lab... not suitable for a viking thunder god. I would love to see how the Hell Boy director would have handled Thor's gear. Anyway, no ink for me tonight. I wasn't in the mood, so I stuck with pencil. It was fun. I took some liberties with the classic Thor design, but I tried to keep the iconic elements accurate. Gave him some weird facial hair, too. Hope you folks dig it.

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