Apr 12, 2010

You Two-Faced Bastard! (or "Bein' Harsh on Harvey")

I went to my buddy Erik's studio this weekend for another "Artfix Noctem" event. This time we did a toon remix. Basically, Erik picked a long list of fictional characters (a very cool, and random list) and then we all drew numbers to see which character we would get to draw. I was number #9, and good 'ol Harvey Two-Face was on the list. You know, I love two-faced characters (see Jonah Hex) so I thought this might be pretty fun.

When I was a kid, Two-Face looked a lot different... well, sort of. Basically, his skin color wasn't the purple-red that we know today; it was more of a greenish hue. That's the Two-Face I grew up with, so I wanted to do a version of that.

I used a bunch of things on this piece; MARS drafting pencil (breakdowns), PITT Artist Pens (size small), Pentel Pocket Brush, Tombo Brush Tip Markers, Bic Colored Pastel Markers, Copic Art Markers (for the flesh-tones) and a White-Out Pen. I used an old piece of Strathmore Bristol Vellum that I've had for a while.

For the amount of time spent, I'd say I was happy with the piece. More than being happy with the final piece, I'm was happier to just get together with a group of my highly creative friends to talk, laugh and draw.

Make sure you take some time to check out everyone's work over at Erik's blog. Thanks to Erik for having these sketch-ups, and thanks to you folks for dropping by this blog.


Chrissie A said...

This is terrific, Oran--and WOW, look at all that yummy COLOR! :)

Bubbashelby said...

Two cool.

Get it? Hahahhahaha!

Oran E. Parker said...

Thanks Eric and Chrissie! You guys are two of my favorite pals to communicate with. I appreciate your kind comments more than I can express. Keep it fun! -OP

DarrenHanks said...

Re"Marker"able ah ha haha alright now that that is out of the way. Nice work dude. You are doing some awesome work with the color pieces.