Apr 4, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Well, I finished up my 3 card ATC trade with the great Chrissie Altese (got the cards on Saturday; thanks, Chrisse!). As usual, I'm always looking for a new person to start a new 3 card trade with, and hopefully build a creative relationship in the process.

Trolling along for new creative contacts, I stumbled upon the art site and blog of Chris Thorne. Chris seems to be comfortable working in the same media as me, and I really like the style of his artwork, so I started up a conversation and TA DA! We're now trading cards.

Chris has a lot of great Star Wars artwork over on his site, but I always try to pick characters that I think will play on the artist style. Following that philosophy, I requested Hawkman, Abe Lincoln and Beta Ray Bill. I think these characters will all look great drawn in Chris's style.

Chris asked that I draw a Clone Trooper, Eddy from Iron Maiden and Aaragorn from Lord of the Rings. I had some time to get started on his set this weekend and figured I'd take a stab at Aaragorn first. I used dip pens and brushes only on this piece, which I usually never do, but I figured it would give the character a classic pen and ink look. I may not go this route on the other two cards, but it seemed to work on this one.

I also got to spend some time out at the park with the family, and as usual, we all bring our art kits and do a bit of sketching. After seeing Chrissie's fine use of color on her blog, it makes me want to break out of the black and white I usually stick to.

I figured I'd go classic and whip up a Superman sketch. He's been in my book of heroes before, when I first started it, but I wanted to do something that was a bit more fun to look at. I've got a long way to go before I'm going to feel 100% comfortable working with markers and color, but getting to that point is where the fun is at.

Anyway, that's my weekend in art. I hope to finish up Chris's set this week, so keep your eyes on the Parker Brand for more ATC goodies. Thanks for stopping by.


Chrissie A said...

Oran, I love the way you boldly jumped into glorious color with that Superman!

And that Aragorn is excellent. You are able to express so much with your sensitive use of line and wash in blacks and grays.

Shawn said...

Really dig that Aragon bro, super man is nice too. Wish I could pick up a pen and get these types of results.