Mar 2, 2010

"Do You Feel Lucky? Well, Do Ya... Frank?" A Punisher ATC Sketch

I've been really lucky since I've entered the world of Artist Trading Cards. It's pretty amazing how one trade leads to another. It's a real pleasure, and such a treat to see what the artists I'm trading with come up with.

I feel really lucky to be working on my current 3 card trade with Chrissie Altese. Her blog is loaded with creative eye candy (she's an incredible figure artist) and I feel pretty dang grateful that she agreed to do this trade. One of the characters that Chrissie requested was the Punisher.

I haven't drawn the mighty Frank Castle since I was in High School, so I was kind of excited to take a stab at it. I could have just drawn a classic Frank, but I wanted to do something just a bit different. Just as Wynn Ryder used Billy Idol to inspire his John Constantine card, I wanted to use another classic crime fighting bad ass as my inspiration for Frank. What better inspiration that Clint Eastwood. But, rather than go for the Dirty Harry look, I decided to go in the direction of Josey Whales. I didn't want to mimic Clint's exact features (it still needed to be the Punisher), but I definitely wanted to capture a lot of Clint's squinty eyed glare.

Going that direction made this card a lot of fun. I hope Chrissie likes it. Now, on to my next card... GALACTUS!


Wynn Ryder said...

Love it! Great use of photo reference.

Chrissie A said...

Hey, great job on this, Oran!! He looks suitably squinty and grumpy--exactly my kind o' Frank Castle! :)

I love the way you used Clint as a model--very cool idea!

(And--thanks for the links to my blog and the very kind words!!)