Feb 23, 2010

"Mystery Ink" A Supernatural Artist Trading Card (6 of 6)... and that's the set, folks!

Had some time to finish up my Supernatural ATC set tonight. The last card in the set was the Trickster. Honestly, I think the Trickster is my all time favorite Supernatural character. Each time he's appeared on the show it has been a really good time. He sure gives the Winchesters hell, but man he has a good time doing it.

Now that the set is complete, I'm going to get started on producing prints. I'll be selling the set on my creative services site for $10 a set, plus shipping and handling. I'll keep you guys posted on their availability.

Thanks so much to all you folks who've been following along on this set. I appreciate all the positive feedback. You keep a guy going. Now, on to the next project... an ATC trade with the very talented Chrissie Altese. Take a minute and treat your eyes to her work

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