Mar 9, 2010

"Galactus Eat World" A Parker Brand ATC Sketch

Had a little time to work on the 2nd card in my trade with Chrissie Altese. She requested Galactus as 1 of the 3 cards I'm working on for her set. I used my Sable brush to ink this one and I was pretty happy with it, then I added the grey and immediately felt like I'd messed up. I think I'm going to go for a do-over on this one.

I've got to say, as much as I like using my Pocket Brush, the Sable just destroys it when it comes to control. Still, just shouldn't have added so much grey to his face.

Anywho... I'll post the do-over when I finish it. For now, I'm nursing a headache and think I need some rest. Peace, friends.


Chrissie A said...

Well, now, that's looking pretty good from where I'm sitting, Oran...

Oran E. Parker said...

Thanks, Chrissie. You're too kind. I'm going to do another one though. I've never drawn Galactus before, so I really want take another stab at it. I've got an idea I'd like to try. I'll send you both cards. This one will just be a bonus! ;)