Mar 14, 2010

Three Card Night: An Artist Trading Card Sketch-Up

I've been getting together with a group of friends every couple of weeks to have a sketch-up. Basically, we pick some sort of subject matter, then sit down for a few hours and work on the project in whatever medium we choose. You may remember my post about our first such night, and my buddy Erik's post over on his blog, featuring work from our second sketch-up.

Last night we decided to have an Artist Trading Card jam, where each of us would produce three cards each, then at the end of the night we'd draw numbers to see which cards we get to take home, except our own, of course.

I wanted to have some fun and use my Tombo markers to add some bright color to what I was going to work on. I started the night with a quick, two color warm-up sketch in my book of heroes. My subject? GALACTUS! This was a good way to start the night. From there, I moved on to my three cards; Power Girl, Thor and Darkseid.

I had pre-cut some cards from vellum stock, and then I ended up drawing on the wrong side of a couple of the cards before I realized what I'd done. I've gotta say, it was a lot of fun to draw fast and furious. The cards turned out a lot different from the things I usually do because of the time allowed, and the addition of color.

I ended up coming home with a Stewie Griffen card, a card featuring "Magic Fingers" and a Rock Star. This was a fun jam and I'm looking forward to doing it again real soon. If you want to see all of the cards that were drawn at the sketch-up then head on over to my buddy Erik's blog and take a look-see.

As always, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your time and interest. Really. 

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Erik said...

Awesome cards! Love the galactus!