Feb 21, 2010

"Don't Look Back" A Supernatural Artist Trading Card (4 of 6)

I had about 30 minutes of down-time before my wife and I head out for the day. I figured I'd use it work on the 4th card in my Supernatural ATC set. As I've stated before, I really wanted these to look somewhat like the real characters on the show, so it's important that I get the small nuances on their faces right.

Here we have Papa Winchester, the big man himself. Jeffery Dean Morgan was the perfect actor to play this part, and I miss his character quite a bit. I think the look on John's face says it all; sorrow, worn out, but still carrying on the good fight. The Winchesters are a tragic bunch and I think the acting by Morgan really portrayed the tragedy of their lives. John Winchester definitely carried a lot of weight around, and now his boys have to do the same.

Anywho, I'm really having a lot of fun with this set. Once it's complete I think I may do a follow up set that hits on all the key players on the show. As usual, I'll keep you folks posted as that develops. Thanks for stopping by.


Hey Thom! said...

These are really looking amazing. Keep up the good work!

Wynn Ryder said...

Not familiar with the show, but these cards are expertly drawn. Love 'em :)

Scribe Girl said...

I don't watch the show, but I know Jeffery Dean Morgan. The card makes me wonder what he's thinking. Nicely done!

Oran E. Parker said...

Thanks you all so much for stopping and looking at these. It means a lot to get the positive feedback. I hope you all enjoy seeing the set unfold.