Feb 17, 2010

Get Thor UP! (or "Welcome to Thunder Mountain")

About 6 months ago I started trying to devote a little bit of shelf space at my office to the god of thunder. I had to fight a few small battles to get all of the versions I was looking for. Some of them have taken a beating by their previous owners, which is fine by me; it's Thor, for cryin' out loud.

There were two pieces that I was missing; the classic Jack Kirby Thor (or classic Thor... whatever) and the version of Thor from the Ultimates. I have to give props to Jack Kirby on this character design. When you see the chest plate disks, you know who you're looking at, no matter what version/universe it is.

While I'm pretty fond of the classic Thor design, I've gotta say that the Ultimate Thor looks pretty bad ass. I've always thought that his hammer design was pretty rad, sort of an over-sized version of Stormbreaker (that's Beta Ray Bill's hammer, FYI).

The addition of these two figures (and a bit of parking lot rubble) have helped me put my Thunder Mountain project to bed. No more ebay battles for a while. I fully anticipate there being a nice wave of Thor figures coming out with the upcoming film, so I'll hold off 'til then, unless I just find some filler pieces that I can get on the cheap.

P.S. I'd be a total tool if I failed to mention how completely awesome my wife is. I'm not big on receiving gifts, but she saw me eye-balling a Nite Owl action figure at the bookstore the other day, and that's what she surprised me with on Valentine's Day.

Nite Owl was my fave of all the Watchmen characters, probably because he was a planner, had guts and a healthy dose of common sense. I liked the design of the character in the book, and I think the movie artists did a great job updating his uniform for the film. The action figure has a nice sculpt. I think I may invest in a Silk Spectre figure, just so he's not all alone in the Parker Brand Battalion.

I've got a few other new additions I may share at some point, but if you're interested in seeing the whole gang you can always click here.

I hope to have some new creative to share with you folks real soon. As always, thanks for your time and your eyes.

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