Jan 15, 2010

"Jones" A Parker Brand Micro-Sketch

When you're limited on time, and you only have a certain set of colors available to you, what do you do? Well, I draw the Martian Manhunter (a.k.a. John Jones/Jonn J'onzz), that's what. I used my Pentel Pocket Brush to rough out some inks, then used my set of Tombo brush markers to whip up some color. I have around 25 minutes in this sketch. I've noticed that my PITT markers work much better in my hero sketchbook than my pocket brush does. The paper is pretty toothy and it makes the pocket brush drag. Small details are okay, but it's the the big, broad strokes that really lose their girth. Either way, it's a sketchbook, so I'm good with it looking rough. It's fun and that's what counts. 

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Shawn said...

Love the look and feel you get from your colors, specially for such quick sketches. Great job buddy. And the fun factor is totally what counts!