Jan 17, 2010

Sketch Lab 2010: A Gathering of Creative Friends

Last night I invited several of my friends over to my place for an informal sketch lab. The idea was that we'd all bring our own sketching supplies and then do some figure drawings. Add a couple of pots of coffee, plus apple cider & beer and you've got the recipe for a good time.

We figured that 5 different figure poses at 15 minutes each would be just about right, but once we got started we found that 20 to 25 minutes was more accurate. I suppose if it were a classroom environment, 15 minutes would have been fine, but since we were talking and cutting up, 20-25 worked just fine.

We used my new art models for the subject matter this time. If we continue to have these little sketchy jams, then we'll probably get more creative with what we choose to draw. The male art model worked fine for this session.

There was 6 of us last  night, but I imagine that our numbers will grow as time goes on. Last night, our list of creative folks included Darren Hanks, Erik Jessen, Chris Bacarisse, Thom Trahan, my wife Michelle Parker and myself. Thom and Michelle showed up a couple of hours after everyone else, so they don't have as many studies in the collection of finished sketches, but it was still nice to have everyone participate.

All-in-all, it was a really good time and I look forward to doing it again real soon. It was really nice to sit back and relax with friends over something so healthy and creative. I think this is a good thing for all of us and I hope to see it grow into something that we all look forward to every month.

If you'd like to see the individual sketches from our sketch lab, just click here to be redirected, or simply view the slideshow below.

As always, your comments are appreciated. I'm sure the individuals involved in this little project would appreciate them as well. Thanks for stopping by.

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Shawn said...

Nice job guys, sounds like it was a blast!