Jan 9, 2010

"Power" A Parker Brand Micro-Sketch

My Son and I had a "boys" day today. We had lunch together, went to the movies and then went to the art supply store to see if there was anything that caught our eye. We both picked up a few new things for our art kits, which always gets me in the mood to go home and work on a new sketch. Tonight I put my new art models to good use. I've been itchin' to draw my pretend comic book girlfriend (a.k.a. Karen Star, a.k.a. Power Girl). Now, my art models are pretty good for posing and lighting, but the anatomy is pretty generic, and Power Girl has a couple of (ahem) "enhancements" that always need to be considered before you jump in. I'm always worried when drawing the female figure because they need to look soft and curvy, which is a big contrast to my usual subject matter of masculine heroes, or monsters. I always have a tendency to over work things when I draw women. I took that into consideration on these Power Girl pencils. I'm not sure if I'm going to ink this piece or not (I always say that), but if I do I'll use a combo of the brush and dip pens. Stop by in a couple of days. I should have the inks posted then.

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Bubbashelby said...

To paraphrase Nancy Sinatra, these boots are made for gawkin ;)

Shawn said...

Its interesting to me you worry about drawing female characters. I'm the same, but with male figures. I always have trouble with them. I've spent a lot more time drawing the ladies. By the way, every time I look at your work I'm reminded of this book, http://www.dickblick.com/products/dynamic-figure-drawing/ if you don't have it you should look into it.
Thanks for sharing.