Jan 10, 2010

I've Got the "Power" (a little ink & color in the very early a.m.)

Couldn't sleep tonight (mostly because my Son couldn't sleep). Decided to spend the time putting a bit of ink on the Power Girl pencils I posted earlier. After I inked it, I decided to lay down a little color with some Copic & Pitt markers. Gotta say, the Pitt markers try to destroy the ink; not good. I made 'em work, but the Copics (I used them on P.G.s skin) work like a charm. I'm slowly building a decent collection of these things. I really like them. Anyway, now I'm tired. Gonna get a bit of sleep. I'm sure this piece could have been better, but I'm okay with it considering it was a burn-em-out, time-killer. If you're up, then thanks for popping in. 

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