Jan 8, 2010

"Lucky Duck" A Parker Brand Logo Sketch

Like I didn't have enough to do already today, I found out that I needed to "just whip up" a logo/drawing of a mallard duck (giving a "thumbs up") that we'll need for a new video project. Well, all I had with me was my portable sketch bag (who knows what's in that from day-to-day). Luckily, I had just what I needed to burn this sucker out; a blue Faber-Castell Art Grip pencil, a kneaded-rubber eraser and my handy Pocket Brush by Pentel. Using these three things, I was able to break the drawing down and ink it up pretty quick. I dropped the inked piece into Adobe Illustrator for some quick vector color... DONE! It's not the best thing I've ever created, but it apparently does the trick. Now,... what was I working on before I got sidetracked? 

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