Jan 7, 2010

"Grayson" Final Inks & Shading

Wow. What a fun project this was. It's really a rare thing for me to get to work on breakdowns & pencils on one night, then spend just a bit of time each evening inking the individual characters. Usually I just lay down a sketch and ink it all at the same time (which is pretty difficult for me... I'm not very good when I draw fast). I wanted my first real drawing project of 2010 to go a little different than my usual burn-em-out sketches, so if you've been following along through the pencils, and individual inks then you know this was a great opportunity for me to slow it down a bit. I finished up the piece tonight and I'm pretty happy with the way it looks, but more than that I'm happy with the level of joy working this way brings me. I'd really like to thank all of you folks who stop by to look and comment. It means a lot to be able to share my hobby this way.

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Shawn said...

well done, well done indeed. Its great seeing your progressing, thanks for sharing this project with us. Was fun seeing it grow into this.

MichelleLeeParker said...

This is REALLY impressive hon.