Dec 24, 2009

A Selfish Christmas Treat

So, I go to the store this morning to pick up batteries and a few items for my kids. While I'm down the toy isle I notice this really rad Green Goblin figure from the current Spider-Man toy line. Now, normally I'd just pick it up and take a peek, then go about my merry way, but this Green Goblin figure was really pretty damn cool. After looking at it pretty hard for a few minutes I convinced myself that it had to go on the shelf of heroes back at my office (even though 'ol Norman is far from a hero). The detail on the body is really pretty good. The face is spot-on; one of the best Goblins I've seen. The figure poses just right, comes with a glider and a pretty decent translucent fireball/pumpkin bomb. Ah, but buying toys is a slippery deal; right next to G.G. was a pretty decent Spider-Man... in BLACK (what can I say, I really did like Secret Wars a lot back in elementary school). Now I've got Spidey too! Anyway, this isn't some amazing toy find, it's not rare or anything, (for that stuff, check out my buddies at Toyriffic or Weirdo Toys) but man... I think it's pretty cool (although, I think Norman is outnumbered in my office). I hope you all give & get lots of cool toys this Christmas! Peace, goodwill and all that jazz to each and every one of ya! -OP

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