Dec 23, 2009

"End of the Bar" A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

I tell ya, I don't get to do these micro-sketches very much anymore. When I worked in Lake Charles I could always pop down to the coffee shop on my lunch break and crank one out over a hot cup and a pretzel. Sometimes it's just nice to sit down for 5 or 10 minutes and draw. Well, today I had the bug so I did just that. I was reading Jimmy Palmiotti's blog, thinking about the upcoming Jonah Hex movie and I thought i'd take another stab at 'ol hatchet face. I was talking to my wife about the character the other night, sharing my wishlist scenes with her. I can see it now, Jonah, alone at the end of a bar,his hat covering his face in shadows. He's trying to enjoy a bottle of whiskey. Along come some smartass, wanna-be gunfighters, givin' Hex some shit. Jonah looks up in response to one of their jackass remarks and just enough light hits his face to reveal his horrible scar. The cowboy thugs start backing up; they know who he is, all except one and his hand is slowly inching towards his pistol. Through his mangled lip skin he says something equivalent to Clint Eastwood's Outlaw Josey Wales, "Dyin' ain't much of a livin"... or some other badass line. I've been waitin' ta see Jonah brought to life since I was in Junior High so I've got pretty high hopes for this film. Anyway, for those of you who took the time to stop by my blog, I hope you enjoy "end of the bar" sketch.

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