Dec 29, 2009

Tools of the Trade: Last 3 Creative Reflections & Purchases of 2009

For someone like me, who likes to sketch & draw (you make the call), is a crazy-rabid note taker, and also a relentless personal-brand promoter, December 29th, 2009 ended on a high note. You see, I decided a few weeks back to start my new year off by focusing on the things I love doing, and using those things to slowly re-tool my life into something that I can eventually be proud of, both personally and professionally.

So, in boiling things down to what I love doing, I ended up landing on what I'm pretty good at; sketching & drawing (I suppose "good" is relative...I plan to get better), observing & analyzing the human condition (why do we do what we do... and why do I care) and putting myself on the front-line of the things I really care about by speaking up and out (which sometimes gets me into a bit of hot water, but them's the breaks).

Now, I'm really not 100% sure what those things mean for me, but either way, I've decided to give them my attention and see what happens. Will these 3 things grow to be my "great strengths?" I suppose that could happen. I've decided to be open to whatever it means for me and my future.

But, back to my original point; December 29th. Why the heck is that so important? Well, I received 3 packages today (12/29/09), each containing items that in some way represent my 3 end of the year reflections.
  1. Male & Female Artist Manequins, fully articulated to help me get back on the slow crawl to becoming a better figure drawer, storyteller and cartoonist (these are the Art S. Buck models from Slideshow Collectibles. I've wanted these for a while).
  2. Memo Books, Pencils, Pens and a 2010 Calendar, each ultra-sturdy item superbly crafted by the fine folks at Field Notes (when I saw these I knew I'd have 'em. Now, to fill each and every page with delicious observations).
  3. New Business Cards that reflect my personal brand (thanks to If you haven't checked them out, then you really should).
I'm glad I took the time to slow down and reflect this year. Those reflections are captured here now, and I'm sharing them with you, my friends and visitors. Sometimes saying things out loud (or writing them down) helps solidify a persons resolve to get on the right path and stay focused. I think my new creative tools will help serve as a constant reminder for me to do that.

I welcome the coming year and what it brings, and wish each of you all of the best.


Bubbashelby said...

Wishing you and yours all the best in 2010!

Those mannequins look keen - I like how the light and shadow play off them - great for shading the human form!

Chris Bacarisse said...

Here's to 2010 being a watershed year. Both professionally and creatively.

GotPrint said...

Your designs and (especially those business cards) look fantastic! The best of luck for the coming year! (With those tools, you probably don't even need it!) Thank you for choosing GotPrint for your printing needs!