Nov 4, 2009

"Pick Up The Hammer" A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

The end of daylight savings time has me all messed up. My internal clock just doesn't seem to be lining up with the change. Since I couldn't sleep I figured I'd try to be somewhat productive with my I pulled out the sketchbook & kit. My buddy Thom Trahan (@Hey_Thom on Twitter) had mentioned that he'd like to see me do a sketch of Captain Marvel (you know, the dude that yells "SHAZAM!"). I thought I might like to tackle that since I'd never drawn him before. Then I got to thinkin' about how Thom was a Thor fan, and both characters have a relationship with enchanted lightning. What would happen if Billy Batson were to pick up Thor's hammer Mjolnir and say the magic word? Well, this sketch is perhaps one take on that idea. It's not perfect. In fact, I really messed up some of the perspective on the lower half (so much so that I cropped it off...the shame!). The rest of it turned out decent enough. As always, your comments and time are appreciated. But really, this one's for you, Thom. 

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Hey Thom! said...

Awesome! That's the only word I have for that. This piece is amazing! said...

I love 'crossed' characters. Never thought of this one before, nice!