Nov 4, 2009

Adjust your pencils, Son! (or "Picking up the Hammer...Again!)

I posted a pencil drawing of a Captain Marvel/Thor amalgam late last night. When I originally did the piece I was unhappy with the way the perspective looked on his left leg (the one closest to you). I was pretty much okay with the rest of the piece. It was still bugging me this morning after I got ready for work, so I decided to try and do a fix. I realized that the reason I screwed it up the first time was because I was trying to cram the whole thing onto the page and avoid cutting off the character's foot (amateur). I really didn't want to see this thing go to waste so I broke out the kneaded eraser and did the fix. It's not the best perspective (and the foot still gets cut off), but I was satisfied enough to go ahead and take a shot at inking it. I'm using a new brush that I purchased a couple of days ago. It's a Windsor & Newton #3 Round with synthetic bristles. It's not the perfect brush, but it's much better than the junk I used to ink Nightwing the other day. I have more control over the line width with this one. I'm still no master inker (or penciller, for that matter) but I think this brush will work until I can order the proper tool. I'm going to try and ink this entire piece with the same brush, except maybe the lightning...I'm not sure how I want to handle that yet. I think my ink work is a bit "thick" but it's been years since I did it every day. I'm hoping that with more pieces under my belt I'll enhance my control over the tool and get a much cleaner, thinner line that still has weight. I think I may end up doing digital color on this piece when it's all said and done. I kind of dig the idea behind this guy.

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