Nov 5, 2009

Finished Inking "Pick Up The Hammer"

I finished inking the Captain Marvel/Thor amalgam I've been working on. I wasn't sure if I wanted to ink the lightning with the same brush I'd used on the character (I wasn't sure if I wanted to ink it with a brush at all). After thinking about it for a minute or two I decided to go ahead and see what it would look like. Once I got started I liked what I was seeing. The brush actually added a pretty cool, bold element to the electricity. After I got some ink on the page I got into it and found a decent rhythm. I'm pretty pleased with it, for the most part. I added some minor shading with a 30% Cool Grey Prisma art marker...then I was done. I still think I'll add some digital color at some point, but for now I'm putting this piece to bed. I've been testing out new brushes, inking tools & techniques on the recent pieces because I'm about to start a commission piece that will launch my Art Camp auction. I was contacted by a generous individual who wanted to purchase the piece and donate 100% of the money to send one kid to Art Camp (more on that here). I want to do a really good job on his commission because he's being very, very generous, so I'm trying to amp up my drawing & inking skills. As always, thanks for following along on this project. I appreciate all those who stop by to look, or leave comments.

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