Nov 8, 2009

"Just 4 Guys" A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

I decided to start this piece tonight; just a basic shot of some of my favorite characters (Green Lantern, Superman, Captain America "Bucky" and Daredevil). I've been pretty happy with the progress so far, but I started inking it with a blown-out brush...and man am I disappointed with that decision. I didn't post the inking progress because I've got some major repair work to do (I really can't wait to get my Sable 7 #3 brush in this week). I'll end up using dip pens to hide some of my mistakes made with the cheapo brush by adding a lot of extra fine rendering. I hate when that happens, but that's what I get for going against my gut. I'll post the inks once they're good and done, but for now I hope you enjoy the stages of development.

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