Nov 13, 2009

"All Father" A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

It felt like a good night to draw (and ink) and I've been itchin' to add Asgardian All Father "Odin" to my line-up of Thor Universe sketches. I don't know when I'll get it out of my system, but adding Odin into the mix is a good start. I had fun with this one tonight. Since I've got my Sable brush I've only had the one opportunity to use it the other night when I got it in the mail, and that was just a quick sketch. Tonight I had time to work up some relatively tight pencils to ink. That Sable brush is great. The pencils took about 30 minutes and the inks took an hour. I went back with a dip pen and added some finer hatching and then added some grey tones with a couple of Copic Art Markers. I inked the energy effects with a cheap stippling brush and the rough hatching was added with a cheap rake brush. I kind of like the way that stuff turns out, plus it's fast and easy to do. Oh yeah, I also switched ink. I used Sumi ink tonight and I really liked the way it laid down. I hope you guys like the piece. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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Erik said...

Great job man! I really like how this one turned out.