Nov 13, 2009

"Tax Max" An Opportunity to Draw at Work

It's not often that I get called on to actually draw things in my profession. Sure, I get to sketch out logo thumbnails & rough storyboards from time-to-time, but there is rarely a need for a finished drawing. Well, the company I work for, Sweet Spot Telemedia, just took a new project which requires an archetypal super-hero character called "Tax Max" (he'll saaaaaave yoooooou MONEY!!). It's got a small budget, and needs to be turned around pretty quickly so I tackled setting up the character this morning. I plan to ink him up over the weekend (with my new Sable brush) and then add digital color on Monday. I'll make sure to post the finished commercial once it's all in the can. For now, I hope you enjoy seeing the progress I've made so far. Happy Friday, folks!

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