Nov 16, 2009

Inking up "Tax Max": A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

Had an opportunity to ink up the "Tax Max" pencils I posted on Friday. I think the inks turned out pretty good. I'm doing my best to not stray from the Sable brush. I figure the more I use it, the more control I'll have. I did notice something last night that's been causing a problem; my paper choice. I didn't realize it but the paper I'm using is really toothy and it's causing some drag on the brush. No big deal; I bought it. I did a test on some super smooth paper and there's a huge difference. Ah well...I'm still gonna use it. No need to waste the paper. I'll be adding digital color to this piece pretty early today. It's for a deadlined television project so I'll have to finish adding the color and the title effects before lunch (we'll see). I don't have a pen tablet, so I'll be doing the color with the 'ol mouse (yuck). I'll just have to do the best job I can with the tools that I have. I'll post when it's done.

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