Nov 9, 2009

The Risk of Ink (or "How I Screwed Up Some Decent Pencils by Being Impatient")

I'm typically a patient guy. Patient with clients, patient with friends, patient with family (heck, I'm even patient with d-bags & assholes,...sometimes). Well, last night I decided to toss patience aside and jump into a project, knowing that the typical recipe for project disaster was looking me right in the face. Ingredient #1: The wrong tools. Ingredient #2: Not enough time. I could have waited patiently for my new Sable brush to come in, but nooooo...I went ahead and jumped into my pencils with some junk brush and really killed the clean lines that I worked hard to produce...but that's the risk of inking; once you lay it down, it's freakin' down. By the time I realized it wasn't going to well it was to far gone and I'd passed my "point-of-no-return" on time frame. This piece was going to have to do. So, today at lunch I tried to do a fix with a different brush & some grey Prisma art markers. It's pretty sloppy and I'm down about getting in a rush. I wouldn't even post it except for the fact that laying it out for the world (or at least you guys) to see makes me want to try harder. I got word that my new Sable 7 #3 is waiting  on me at home. I can't wait to lay some ink down with it tonight. As always, thanks for your time (your comments are appreciated).

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