Mar 12, 2008

Making a mess with brushes

Photoshop. How many times do we use it every single day? I get sick to death of seeing the effects, fades, bevels, blends, filters, etc. You can really tear up a nice piece with an overuse of the software. However, sometimes it is necessary. There are definitely design visions that couldn't come to life without it. One thing that I find useful is creating my own brushes. Photoshop comes with a healthy set on it's own, but after you've used them for a while you'll start to see them in use all over the place.
Making your own set of brushes can be fun and extremely useful. I like to start by taking picture of interesting shapes, marks or textures that I see in my day to day travels. Having a small digital camera on you at all times is key. One night as I was sitting with my kids at Sonic (having a delicious Java Chiller) I noticed some really interesting rust, oil and water stains on the concrete, in the parking next to us. I grabbed my digital camera and took some quick shots. Later that evening I brought the images into photoshop and worked up a really cool set of brushes.
hey've worked out great for projects that require a bit of distressing and they give those projects a unique, organic element that can only be duplicated with that brush set. The brush set allows me to add a bit of sauce to a piece that otherwise may be pretty stagnant, and I can do that on the fly now that the brushes are created. That's important to me.
Shortly after I did that I had a project come up for one of my clients that called for a bit of distressing. After I did the initial design I pulled the brushes and and made quick work of adding some really cool effects to the piece.

Use this RIGHT NOW!
Anytime time you get the chanc
e to do something different then do it. Setting yourself apart is what will get you noticed (don't light yourself on fire or run naked through a Wal-Mart...that's the kind of different that you don't want). I'd tell you how to make the brushes yourself, but why would I do that when you can go to and watch a video about it.

SIDE NOTE: is the BOMB when it comes to design tips. There are plenty of them and the user interface is easy to use.

Once you've taken a look at that then you can download the set of brushes I created from my Sonic photos by clicking on the Parker Brand below. Enjoy them! -O

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