Mar 13, 2008

The Buzz on Blogging

This past Tuesday we (AAF Lake Charles) had the opportunity to hear a wonderful presentation entitled "Top 10 Strategic Marketing Benefits of Blogging," presented by Paul Chaney. I must admit that before Paul's presentation most of us were pretty ignorant of the power of blogging. I personally follow several different blogs, but I never considered starting one myself until recently. After hearing what Paul had to say I'm convinced that, in some instances, a blog is even more effective than a full-blown website. Looking back at my web browsing habits, I'm finding that I tend to go to someones website and if I'm at all interested in getting more info then I immediately start looking for their blog.

Having Paul come and speak to our club was a great choice and I personally feel very lucky to have had him. After he left, several club members stayed around to talk about ways they could use blogs in their own professions, then yesterday I received two new blogs from a couple of my clients who attended. Apparently they found his presentation extremely useful. It really says something when you see attendees leave a presentation and then go back to their office and immediately apply what they've learned. To me, that is what our AAF Lake Charles programs are all about.

I really want our members to leave with the sense that they've learned something, that their professional lives have been enriched. I want their membership to be worth something. We've been really lucky to have had a line-up of slam dunk speakers...and now we can add Paul Chaney to that growing list.

Use this RIGHT NOW!
If you'd like to hear more from Paul you can check out his blog, or if you'd like to see his presentation you can go to Slideshare.

I'd recommend doing both. You'll be better for it and if you've ever thought about starting a blog then you can put the information into use TODAY! You can't beat that. -O

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Paul Chaney said...

Thanks for those kind comments, Oran. You treat me better than I deserve! It is much appreciated.

My desire is to evangelize the medium of blogging as a tool for marketing, PR and business communications in general. It does my heart good to know that people are hearing the message and benefiting by it.

Best of luck on your blogging endeavors. Let me know if there's ever anything I can do to help.