Mar 9, 2008

A Blessing from the Parker Brand

So, I've decided to start blogging. All I really want to do is create an info source (a local one at that) for young designers and creative professionals. I believe that there are a lot of folks out there that have deep wells of creative energy and talent who go unnoticed. I've seen it time and time again. An individual arrives on the job with the proper pedigree, but can't jump in and do the work. Another type of individual arrives and doesn't necessarily have buckets of talent, but they can jump in and put their human energy into a project and bring it to life quickly. What is this energy and where does it come from? Well, that's what the Parker Brand is all about...understanding the secrets of "on the fly" creativity, the "juice." Some have it. Some don't. Sometimes it just shows up for a moment. I'll try to capture it so we can all use it. So, check in from time to time...and let the Parker Brand bring you blessings! -O

Use this RIGHT NOW!
I've been posting my work on Behance for a while now. This is a great resource to see the work of other creative professionals, but more than that it's a way to get your work out there in cyberspace...for FREE! It's worth your time to check it out and sign up. So, check out my profile then sign up for one of your own.

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