Apr 17, 2011

We're not saying it right.

This video really touched me, and reminded me how subtle changes to a message can affect our perception and reaction to a thing.

In advertising communication it's a perfect mix of words and images that draws the viewer in,  hopefully generating a positive response. It sounds like it would be very simple, but it can often be quite a challenge. We sometimes think we're saying what we need to say, or showing what we need to show, but then the response we get is either non-existent, or the wrong response altogether.

We recently had this very experience with a small ad campaign, and have since changed our language and images to generate a more desirable result. The jury is still out on whether the changes were more, or less affective.

This really cuts to the heart of something that drives the Parker Brand. It's the willingness to shift your thinking when you know that something you've created isn't working. We don't care how creative it is, or how nice it looks. If the phone isn't ringing then we need to go back to the drawing board.

When you devote weeks to a concept, graphics, and copy there is a tendency to get invested in them. Who wouldn't? They are your ideas made tangible. Devotion to an idea or direction at all cost, simply because it was yours, is the wrong way to play. Blind faith has no case when standing next to tangible results.

Listen. Watch. Cultivate an awareness of the effect your communications are having. More than anything, be flexible. It's nice to find a direction, but there's no need to follow it blindly down a dead end road.

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