Jan 21, 2011

Play it for your kids. Play it for you. "What I Am"

I stumbled on this while reading one of my favorite blogs, "Skepchick." The post simply stated, "This has been stuck in my head." When you hear that how could you not press play?

So, I did.

Then, I did again.

Then I played it for my kids.

You know, sometimes as adults we tend to get moving in such a hurry that we don't really stop to contemplate who we are, where we're going, or more importantly who we want to be, and where we want to go.

See, just because you're going somewhere doesn't mean it's the right place, and who you are may not be the best you. Sometimes you have to stop, look deep inside yourself, find that center and say, "Hey! Wait a minute... this just isn't who I really am. I'm going to do something different and change things."

I believe it's a noble path, the path of self discovery. When you figure out who you truly are then you can share that with your colleagues, partners, friends, and family. Change can be infectious and motivate others to do the same.

I wrote this down the other day, and it seems to apply here... "You are the coal. You are the shoveler. You are the engine. BE SELF PROPELLED."

You are the engine. You are the change. Figure out who you are, then do something different. -Oran

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