Jan 18, 2011

Planning a Kid's Birthday: A Few Advertising Basics

This video has been making the rounds online and I've got to say that I really, really love it.

First off, it's pretty funny, especially if you work in the advertising industry. But, beyond the obvious humor, what I love most is that it really does show you that most of what we do in advertising can be pretty standard. There are rules that seem to apply to planning and promoting any event, large or small.

I think what really gets me the most that there are businesses that put less effort into their marketing and promotions than they would for a child's birthday.

I'm not suggesting that we all go out and offer free pony rides (or whatever the relevant equivalent for your business might be), but I am suggesting that there are some basic actions that can be taken to get the word out (many are very inexpensive) and keep the message moving.

Sure it takes planning,... and money,... and time, but if those kids are any kind of reflection of what an engaged, happy customer might look like, then I'd say it might be worth the effort.

Watch the video. Take notes. Take action.

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