Sep 3, 2010

A Simple Question

These days, it's nothing so see questionnaires or personality profiles passed around by friends on Facebook & Twitter. My radar tunes most of it out, but every now and then someone will post a question that strikes a chord with me. Even then it's got to be something really special for me to stop and answer.

The Question
Today, a friend dropped this question into his Facebook feed, "What can we as a country do to ensure that all children grow up to be healthy, productive members of society?" That's a pretty heavy question; one that you should really think about before answering.

I've always taken my fatherhood very serious, and I feel like I've asked myself this question in one form or another many, many times. I suppose it was because of this that I was compelled to give an answer, albeit off the cuff.
My Answer
"I'm not sure what the whole country can do... but if the Constitution remains intact, that's something to start with. If I (as a father) can at least trust that (the Constitution) as a solid, then I have a foundation to try to give my children a chance at being whole, healthy, happy adults.

Things I try to teach my children are:

  • Encourage them to identify their strengths very early on.
  • Be open to new ideas; try things.
  • Learn how to think about things on a deeper level.
  • Develop fearlessness, or at least try.
  • Be kind, fair & just; develop an internal sense of justice; right & wrong.
  • Figure out what you believe in (this doesn't have to be religion).
  • Defend what is yours.
  • Learn to wait.
  • Learn to act.
  • Learn to help.
  • Be dependable.
  • Protect the weak.
  • Don't take more than you need.
  • Remember that the country is FREE, and truly contemplate what that means.
Ultimately, I believe it's an individual responsibility.
I made my children, therefore it is my responsibility to see that they are prepared to live in this country.
As an adult, I have to first understand things like community, freedom, and justice before I can teach them.

Basically, I must be a deliberate parent."

Why I'm Sharing This With You
This blog, for the most part, focuses on things that I'm interested in, ranging from art & creativity, to comic books & entertainment. I've always carried the tagline, "The Creative Goods + A Decent Dose of Truth." Well, that's what this is gang... a decent dose of truth... Parker Brand style.

I'd like to share more of these thoughts with you from time-to-time, but I'd like to hear what you think first. Is this something that those who frequent this feed would be interested in, or do you just stop by for the pictures and such. This blog is your door to my brand, so I want it to be something that this community will enjoy and appreciate. I do want to put out an honest signal though, and sharing my thoughts on living, working and playing are a part of that.

Thank you for your time and feedback. -OP

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