Sep 7, 2010

Hello, Ladies!: A Neat Product & Packaging Design That Caught My Eye

For a product to sell it has to get noticed first. Once it's noticed, it can be purchased and used, then if it's really innovative someone will tell someone else about it, etc., etc. We all know how that works. While creating something innovative can really give a product it's legs, but it's the "getting noticed" that really gets those legs moving.

This weekend as I was shopping I noticed a product called "Brushing Beauties" on the shelf of our local "Bed, Bath & Beyond." Why did these little gals grab my eye? Well, not unlike the Pringle's can that I discussed a while back, the Beauties take things that we know (and are often disregarded), then twist them ever-so-slightly so as to cause our brain to question what we're seeing.

Now, these products aren't exactly innovative. They don't solve a problem, or introduce anything new. If anything, they're just scrub-brushes with a really cool paint job. But, that's not a reason for me to fault the company that makes them; quite the opposite. I think the Beauties are great!

The combination of the faces, hair & colors, married to the packing formed into their dresses, really makes them jump out at you in hard contrast to the other items on the shelves. I'm a hard sell, but I instantly found myself trying to think of someone to buy one of these for. In fact, I would have bought all three if I could have justified the purchase (I'm a hard sell). 

In the end, was the product itself that great? No. Would I go back to pick these up for someone? Absolutely! There's no doubt in my mind that someone would be excite to have these... especially if I got the whole set.

The folks behind this product are putting their innovative brain power on the packaging design, and I think it works! I don't imagine that they're trying to change the world here. They just want you to see these brushes, and buy them. It's probably not any heavier than that. If that's the case then I'm going to call this an innovative packaging design win. What are your thoughts?

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