Jul 9, 2010

The Winning "FedEx Rainbow" Captions... It's So Intense!

Well, I had a pretty good time with the FedEx Caption Contest. I had a lot of great entries. Some of them really cracked me up. None of them were bad at all. It was a real treat and I laughed out loud at quite a few of them. Heck, Federal Express even tuned in and helped promote the contest! I've gotta give them props for using their Twitter account to engage the public in a very laid back way.

No matter how great they all were, I had to pick one to be the winner of the grand prize. Before anyone starts throwing me under the FedEx truck, remember that I'm a pretty heavy Thor fan from way back. When you understand that, then my choice makes perfect sense.

This caption just seemed to fit to me. I got a good chuckle out of it (I had to explain my reasoning to my wife and kids though) and I liked the way it brought the whole thing home with "We Deliver." It kinda made me thing that the truck could be driving towards the Rainbow Bridge, on it's way to Asgard to deliver another shipment of Uru metal. So, congratulations to Eric Scrogg's on winning the full set of Parker Brand ATC prints. I'll also be throwing in a quick Thor sketch as well. I think Eric will find that it'll fit in fine with his excellent caption.

I decided to pick second and third place winners as well. The first is by my pal Julie Fay, and it's was great as well. There were a couple of captions that hit on the "Rainbow Connection," but her caption really sold it for me.

I've decided to send Julie a sketch print from my collection and she'll be receiving a custom sketch of Kermit and Piggy. I hope she enjoys it.

Now, I had a whole different reason for picking the third caption. Honestly, there were some pretty good ones in the slew of entries I received, but when I read this one I laughed out loud because I could literally hear it being sung in my mind. The third prize goes to the mega-talented illustrator Matt Bors. 

I think I was a late to the party on the "Double Rainbow" video (which was shared with me by my good buddy Thom Trahan... thanks Thom!), but it's honestly one of the funniest and greatest things I've EVER seen on You Tube. Well, it got even better when I heard the "Double Rainbow Song." Ever since I've heard that thing it's been stuck in my brain on repeat. Matt's caption touched that nerve, so that's why he's gonna get a sketch (by me) of his Tea Bag character (I love that tea bag guy... he's pretty much nuts... and frighteningly accurate).

Here's the song that inspired Matt's caption (and makes me happy to no end).

If you're not following Matt, or following his blog then you should be. I like to think I serve the truth, but this guy is a truth gladiator and I'm honored that he stopped by this blog.

I'd be a real punk if I didn't share all of the other great captions with you. I usually do contests where winners are chosen at random, and not hand-picked by me. Things like this are all a matter of taste, so who knows which ones you folks might really like? 

  • I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE GOLDS AT! so, can I get a tracking number please?
  • Contents of the truck? Gold and Lucky Charms.
  • Someday we'll find it, the Rainbow Connection. The lovers, The dreamers, and inexpensive overnight delivery options! Laa dee daa dee dee daa dooo
  • Driver on cell phone: "I don't know what it is, but no matter where I deliver it, folks always seem to find my pot of gold!"
  • On CB Radio: "Hurry! Hurry! BP's CEO has run out of Lucky Charms!"
  • Miss Piggie's Butler: "We have tracking confirmation on the Frog."
  • Skittles, deliver the rainbow
  • Had your Breakfast today? Fed-Ex-tra Ground Rainbow! Have some.
  • Fed-Ex: Dispersing a wide spectrum.
  • It's a rough economy–Even leprechauns need day jobs!
  • Color Our World. Ship Fed Ex.
  • Speed up! FedEx is going to get there first!
  • Ship Over the Rainbow with FedEx
  • With FedEx Your Package is Good as Gold
  • Fed Ex. Through the stormwinds of Midgard to the perilous Land of the Frost Giants of Asgard, via the mystical Rainbow Bridge. We deliver.
  • Fed Ex. A Rainbow in the Dark.
  • Fed Ex. We're so gay for you.
  • 10 seconds after this photo was taken, this Fed Ex truck exploded with Skittles. Skittles...taste the explosion.
  • Rainbows aren't the only good thing Fed Ex delivers. We deliver puppies, too. Fed Ex...taste the puppies.
  • Fed Ex. We'll even go over the rainbow for you.
  • FedEx: Guaranteed delivery of paired animal species to higher ground since Genesis 7:6 ...that's a promise.
  • Fed Ex. We make your dreams come true.
  • Fed Ex. In brightest day and blackest night.
  • FedEx Ground: Now with inter-dimensional unicorn-horn positioning systems in all vehicles.
  • Good God! He sent it Fed Ex!
  • (to the tune of "Double Rainbow Song!!") Fed/Ex Rainbow all the way across the sky...Yeah! Yeeeeah! It's so intense! 
There you have it! Not sure if everyone will agree my picks. I appreciate all of you playing along. It was a great time. Keep tuning in to the Parker Brand Way (why not just add it to your Google Reader?). I promise to keep it interesting.


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