Jun 28, 2010

A Drawing Lesson In Progress

In a couple of weeks, I'm supposed to be doing an hour long lesson on drawing, sketching and tooning with several groups of children, all of varying ages. Tonight I started working through some of the lessons that I think the kids will find valuable.

I wanted give the kids a chance to learn some basic human facial structure, hopefully showing them how to break down a human head. I really want to show the kids that you can start off really simple and then take the basic structure as far as they want. Here are a few of the images that I sketched out for the lesson.

I also think it would be fun for the kids to draw some sort of fantasy creature. My plan is to follow the same pattern, teaching them how to start out with something really simple, enhancing their drawing as far as their able. I got this creature idea from the little book of 100 monsters. I found one that I thought would be great for the lesson as my inspiration.

I'm still working this whole lesson out. I'm sure it'll change before I'm all done. Heck,... these sketches may not even end up in the plan. Still, working it out this way will help me get a handle on what's gonna work and what won't. I can't make this lesson too complicated. It's got to be fast and it's got to be simple. Of course, it has to be interesting too. I'll keep you folks updated. Thanks for poppin' in.
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